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Unexpected snow

I woke up this morning to an unexpected winter wonderland. Very pretty. Very scenic.

The downside was that I couldn’t drive to work and the buses didn’t appear to be running.

I saw numerous skids and abandoned cars so it was probably just as well I was on foot 😀

I only live a couple of miles from my office but walking up hill in the snow was quite heavy going. I think my leg muscles will be complaining later today! I did, however cut through the local woods, which were very pretty and peaceful 😀


Winter sunshine

Today is one of those lovely sunny winter’s mornings.  The sun is low in the sky (which makes driving a nightmare!).  It is positively mild and there’s almost an early spring-like feel to the day.  I think that the real difference between winter this year and last year – apart from the absence of snow – has been the appearance of the sun.  Last year winter seemed very dark and miserable and dragged on for ever.   This year in my part of the England, we are really still waiting for winter to happen.  We have had a few very cold days but in general it has been bearable.  I have only had to wear my gloves once so far which is always a sign that it’s not too cold!  Unfortunately it has been incredibly wet and Southern England has really suffered from floods and storms but, fortunately for us, we have not been badly affected.

However, this very strange winter has left my garden slightly confused as to what time of year it is.  I have bulbs pushing their way up at a great rate which is to be expected at this time of year. The snowdrops are through which is always lovely to see and they bring me great pleasure.  But I also have a patio rose that has started to bloom.  This is possibly a foolhardy move by the rose so early in the year.  I fear for its safety should the snow and ice make an appearance but I have to admire its courage.  It’s a unexpected beacon of hope in February.