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My job dilemma ….

I work on a short-term funded project for a charity.  My current contract expires at the end of March.  That’s not too bad you might think except that I work within the third sector where well-paid jobs are very thin on the ground.  Originally my contract ended in December but was extended so at least I don’t have the worry of finding a new job when I should really be concentrating on Christmas merriment!!!  We have applied for continuation funding but it is unlikely to be successful.

Am I worried that about job hunting?  Hell, yes!  It get’s harder as you get older.  I am in my mid-50s.  I don’t have a degree but I do have a wealth of experience.  However, the lack of a degree rules out many openings.  The age factor shouldn’t make a difference but it does.  I am now haunted with images of spending years unemployed.

Why is it a current issue?  Because I’ve seen a job advertised that I know I could do and would stand a very good chance of being shortlisted.  It is a 3 year contract which is brilliant for the vol/com sector.  The problem is that is would mean taking a pay cut of £6000.  This is not an insignificant amount.  We could survive on the salary but we would have to be very careful and life wouldn’t be fun.  Do I want that at my age?  Surely at my age  life should be getting easier not harder?  If I apply for it am I devaluing my worth?  I am being unduly pessimistic that there will not be a better job waiting around the corner?  At the back of my mind there is the fear that if I pass this job up, I may be making a big mistake.

However, I have decided to go for a more optimistic view on life and not apply for the position but assume that there is a better job with my name on it waiting for me in 2014!!

Wish me luck ….