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Do I read? Oh yes!!!

It seems a long time since I last posted anything on this blog.  I had such good intentions when I started but life has intervened.  However, summer has been wonderful.  Full of friends, travel and reading.  Reading is my passion.  Reading fills a void in my life and brings me so much comfort.  Crime is my favourite genre but over the last few years I have tried to broaden my reading selections.  At times I read avidly.  At other times my brain decides it can’t concentrate and I can go up to a week without opening a book.  There, I’ve said it, “opening a book”.  In reality I read more books on my ebook reader that I read physical books.  Why?  Mainly convenience.  My ebook reader has 80 books on it.  Some classics, some current and some I have read and feel I might want to dip back into.  I couldn’t carry that many books and my ebook reader fits into my handbag. However, it doesn’t matter how you read, the fact that you do read is the important thing.