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And so it begins …

Today I braved the shops in an attempt to start my Christmas shopping.  Was I successful?  NO!  I was mainly trying to get inspiration for presents but even when I saw something I liked, the queues were so long that I was deterred from actually buying anything.

I do like Christmas and I can accept the commercialisation (although I hate it) but I don’t have the patience for shopping in crowded conditions.  And can you tell me why people just stop still at the top of escalators?  How annoying is that?  I almost bowled someone over because they stopped, but I couldn’t. But they then had the cheek to glare at me as it I was the one at fault.  Jeez ….

I didn’t encounter too much in the way of seasonal music on my shopping expedition which actually disappointed me.  I do like to hear some jolly music when I am being squeezed to death by too many people in a confined space!

But the city centre was lit up with Christmas lights and the Christmas Tree in City Square looked lovely with the lights twinkling beguiling.  I’m glad it’s Christmas time but slightly relieved that it only comes but once a year!!!