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Advent calendars

Today is December 1st.  It’s the first day of advent.  As a child I used to love advent and would wait excitedly for my mother to put up the advent calendar.  Being one of three children, we used to have to take it in turns to open a door and my father opened the last one to avoid any arguments!  We didn’t have chocolate advent calendars.  They weren’t around when I was a child.  Instead my mother always bought us one with a religious theme. I can still remember the excitement of getting a picture of a robin or snowman but always feeling disappointment is it was something boring like a snow scene!   Even after I left home at 19 my mother sent me an advent calendar.  She kept doing it until I had a daughter then they were sent to her and not me.  This is possibly when I realised I was finally seen as a grown up by my mother!  She still sent non-chocolate ones because she felt chocolate ones were too commercialised.  When L started school, she realised that there were such things as chocolate advent calendars so I used to buy her one.  I think she secretly preferred the one sent by mother but enjoyed the chocolates.  The last advent calendar my mother sent to L was in 2004.  Unfortunately she passed away in January 2005 so there will never be any more from Grandma.

I have kept the tradition going by giving my daughter an advent calendar each year.  However, this year is the first year we will not have on in the house at all.  When L was at university, I sent her one but she always brought it home with her during the Christmas vacations and it was hung up with the other decorations.  L has now moved out of the family home but she was given her advent calendar yesterday.  She seemed pleased!

I expect I will do exactly the same as my mother did and thus a family tradition has been created!