Monthly Archives: April 2014

Books and volunteering

Today I have spent the last hour or so scrolling through the public library catalogue.  Why?  Because I need to select and reserve suitable books to deliver to a gentleman who has had a stroke and is therefore no longer able to visit his local library to select his own books.  It’s part of the Library At Home service offered by my local council run library service.  I have been volunteering for the Library At Home service for about six years.  This does mean that my poor borrower has had to put up with me descending on him once every three weeks for the last few years but he doesn’t seem to mind!  Over this period of time we have established a very good rapport and friendship.  He has become used to my inane chatter.  My awful jokes.  And my occasional off the wall book choices!  I do try and take him a variety of books and inevitably some prove to be better choices than others ….. 

Against all the odds, he does seem to enjoy my visits and I get a great deal of pleasure from visiting him. He is such a lovely man.  I always stop for a chat about the books I have chosen for him and to generally catch up with his news.  He likes to hear about my family, my job and all the dramas that befallen me in the last 3 weeks.   I derive a great pleasure from choosing books for him.  I often read book reviews and think, yes, this is something he would like to read.  Or if I discover an author he enjoys, then I seek out further books written by that author.  A few years ago I used to work for the library service and one of my greatest pleasures was discussing books with the customers and suggesting new authors or genres.  My role as a library volunteer allows me to selfishly continue with this passion.

I am lucky that I have a volunteering role that involves my love of books and reading.