“A change is as good as a rest …..”

We have just bought a new trendy smart television to replace a clunking old fashioned CRT model.  Nothing earth shattering in that.  Most of our friends have replaced their televisions with smart TVs.  However, in our household this new purchase means we have had to rearrange our front room to accommodate it.  It is a larger screen and does slightly overwhelm the room.  Accordingly, the sofa has had to be repositioned, book cases have been moved and a general decluttering has taken place.  We now have a room that looks surprisingly bigger and lighter. It has been revitalised.   I am looking at the room through new eyes.  It is now a treat to sit in there.   Who would have thought that buying a  new TV could have had such a knock on effect?   It may be cheaper than redecorating ….


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