Monthly Archives: May 2013

I don’t listen to music. What’s wrong with me?

At some point in my life I stopped enjoying listening to music. I am not sure when that happened.  It’s not that we don’t have music playing at home.  My husband loves classical, 50s, 60s, and 70s music. He is always playing something – often very loudly!   My daughter also listens to music loudly.  However, I much prefer to listen to the spoken word, either a radio programme or an audio book.  I do have a fair knowledge about music but it’s just not my first choice to listen to.  It was all so different when I was a child growing up into a teenager.  I have memories of the pirate radio ships – Radio Caroline and Radio London.  I listened regularly to Radio Luxembourg (with the added excitement of never knowing when the signal would fade!).  We always listened to (and taped) the chart show on Radio 1 and watched Top of The Pops with a religious fervour.  It seemed so important to know what was number one.  You were nobody if you couldn’t list the top 10.  Copies of NME were read and consumed.   Fab 208 was delivered by the newsagent and devoured from cover to cover.   I even went to concerts!  But at some point, that interest in music faded.  I will occasionally get up and dance at a party or wedding but on the whole I leave the music listening to other family members.  Is this normal?  Am I alone in this?  Most of my friends talk endlessly about the new groups they have discovered, concerts they have either been to or the ones they have bought tickets for in the future.  Their excitement is foreign to me and I am sure they just think I’m an old fogey who has no longer has any enjoyment for life!


What is up with the weather?

Seriously, what is happening with the weather this year?  It has gone crazy!!! The Bank Holiday weekend was lovely but now we are reduced to rain and chilly temperatures.  The garden doesn’t know what to do with itself.  Bluebells are fighting for prime position in the garden but the peonies are mounting a fight back.  I have pansies that are in the prime of life when I had thought they would be flagging.  No salad crops have yet been planted and I have tomato seedlings just begging to be potted.  However, I suppose this is what we come to expect in England.  And I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Why am I blogging

So why am I blogging?  That’s a very good question.  Have I much of interest to say?  Probably not.  I see life pass me by but I can’t help but make observations.  Whether these observations are of any interest to the wider world is doubtful.  However, you never know.  Something I say make strike a chord with someone!  Please feel free to comment on anything I say….